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General instructions:

If a private person like to book a room earlier than two months before the rental time start, she/he can confirm her/his reservation by paying reservation fee (100 €) to the bank account given below. This fee will be returned or taking into account in the first rent. It will also be returned, if the booking will be canceled earlier than a two months before the first rental day. On the other hand, if the booking or rental agreement is canceled later, the fee will not be returned. Note! Don't send the reservation fee before before you have check the room status from the landlord.

In case of week and day rentals the whole rent is paid is full week before the rental period. When the rental period is longer than one month, the rent of the first month and deposit must be paid in the day a week before the first rental day. Later the rent of the following month must be paied in the second day of the new month period at the latest. In long rental period we also require a deposit to be paid before the rental period. The deposit is equivalent to one month's rent. The rent deposit will be returned after the rental time, if the tenant has not caused ubnormal daamage to the house. Specific rental terms are covered in the rental agreement, which will be signed in longer agreements.

Reservations can be made by sending email to iskonmummola (at) or by calling +358 407510287. The reservation is updated to the calendar when the reservation feehas been paid. and then as reservation once the rent, deposit or reservation fee has been paid. For making longer reservation detailed personal information (name and home address) is needed for security purposes. The social security number is needed from Finnish persons for making the credit check. With the personal information the rental agreement is made for longer reservations. The landlord will send the agreement and the invoice of the first rent and deposit after the tenant has paid the reservation fee.

Please, wait the landlord's confirmation before paying the reservation fee. Afterwards, remember to pay rent or deposit week before the reservation.

Available banks:
Mirja Horneman: S-Pankki, the account FI7039390017377581, Swift/Bic code: SBANFIHH, Address: S-Pankki Oy,PL 77, 00088 S-RYHMÄ, Finland
Mirja Horneman: Danske Bank, the account FI3580002403979361, Swift/Bic code: DABAFIHH, Address: Danske bank Suomen sivuliike, Televisiokatu 1, 00075 Danske bank, PL 993, 00101 Helsinki Finland

Bedroom availability

Bedroom (15m2) situated downstairs. The room has double bed, so it is ideal for 1-2 persons. Other furniture include wardrobe, line closet, arm chairs and computer table.

Attic room 1 availability

The attic room 1 is situated on the second floor. The whole room area is 22 m2. Room area over 1,6 meters high is 16 m2. The room can accommodate 1-2 persons. Furniture includes two wardrobes, linen closet and computer table. This room has radiator heating.

Attic room 2 availability

Room area for the second attic room is 29 m2. 22 m2 of the area is over 1.6 meters high. The room has a double bed and a sofa bed. For short stays the sofa bed makes it possible to accommodate up to 4 persons in the room. Room furniture includes office desk, wardrobe and sideboard. This room has underfloor heating.


  • Kelotie 9
  • 90570 Oulu


  • +358-407510287