Location and driving instructions to Iskon mummola

Iskon mummola is in the city of Oulu, situated in a small quiet residential area build mainly in the 1950's. The city center, University of Oulu and Technopolis Oulu are all about 2km away.

The following buses pass the Isko residential are on the way to and from the city center: 2, 3, 7, 8. From airport you must take the bus number 8 that drive to the city center and then to Linnamaa through the Isko stop. From the Isko stop you will be at Kelotie 9 after 300-400 meters walk. You can find timetables for busses on the page Busses in Oulu


  • Kelotie 9
  • 90570 Oulu


  • +358-407510287
  • iskonmummola@gmail.com